Carole Bain

Carole has worked within the Centre for the last fifteen years playing a key role in managing a wide range of large and medium scale surveys. She has been central in negotiating access to the wide variety of sites we recruit clients from, including voluntary and state sector drug treatment settings and pharmacies as well as interviewing and following up clients for repeat interviews spread over a number of years.

The DORIS study (Drug Outcomes Research in Scotland) for example was a longitudinal study of a 1000 men and women with drug problems and followed their journey into and out of treatment over 3 years. That we achieved a study retention rate consistently above 75% over that time is testimony to Carole Ann’s particular skill in tracking and retaining a population of people often characterised as ‘hard to reach’ and hard to retain in research.

In addition to these key skills (the backroom essentials that often go unheralded) Carole Ann is a skilled interviewer both in the delivery of structured questionnaires and eliciting qualitative interview data with clients and also service providers. She has worked closely with a wide range of research staff within the Centre and over the years has managed a varying sized team of interviewers. Carole is currently involved in coding qualitative data reporting on users experiences of electronic cigarettes collected as part of a large (n=7000+) international study of vapers.