About the Centre for Substance Use Research (CSUR)

CSUR specialises in undertaking large and small scale studies in a variety of areas to do with substance use and abuse. Our team includes the skills of sociologists and psychologists. Our research capacities encompass the design and execution of large scale surveys based on interviewing substantial numbers of individuals over time and spread across a wide range of locations, as well as carrying out more focussed qualitative work involving semi-structured and focus group interviews with smaller numbers of individuals.

We are expert in carrying out challenging research and understand the need to work flexibly to ensure that research reaches the most difficult to contact individuals. Our work is conducted to the highest ethical standard and will always respect the confidences of both the funders and participants of our research. Staff within CSUR are responsible for assessing the impact of the pilot drug recovery wings.

The research team are skilled in discussing with potential funders the nature of their information needs and identifying how these may be met by tailored research. We are able to produce timely and (where funders deem appropriate) confidential reports outlining the results of research undertaken. Where funders are keen to publicise the research undertaken within their organisation, staff within CSUR have extensive experience of working with a variety of media to successfully secure widespread coverage of research results.

We have carried out research for a wide range of public and private organisations and are expert in such areas as:

  • Survey design and analysis
  • Qualitative data collection and its analysis
  • Programme and Service Evaluation
  • Improving Decision Making in Relation to Drug and Alcohol Work
  • Policy Analysis and Horizon Scanning in relation to Future Problems.

The team at CSUR undertake research in a variety of contexts including health, criminal justice, social work, and with a wide range of population groups.